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Appraising Ethnographic Art

Howard Nowes - 08/01/2017

Ethnographic tribal art is not something new, haphazard, or primitive, it is considered non-western art from peoples who live in villages or tribes and have a hierarchical society based on clans with local chiefs. I am focusing here on African and Oceanic art, not American Indian or Pre Columbia art, each of which needs its own essay to cover. 
“Airport” or  tourist art (souvenirs) is generally of the lowest grade and are uninspired copies made in great quantities and have little to no value. Handicrafts are on this level also. 

A survey of the Art of Ancient India

Howard Nowes - 03/16/2017



Indian art has a rich and vibrant lineage which dates all the way back to the 3rd millennium BC.  Indian art includes religious influences from a variety of religious influences, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Islam.

Colorful African Asafo Company Flags

Howard Nowes - 03/08/2017

Along the Gold Coast in Ghana, going back centuries, the structure of local civilization consisted of many small, fiercely independent, militaristic groups of Fante people, who have survived and held their ground throughout British Colonial rule.

Celebrating Mexican Folk Art: Cinco de Mayo with Mexican Masks

Howard Nowes - 03/05/2017

 Mexic Wood MAsk Folk Art

“I have never seen anything that rejoiced my heart so much as these things.  They are pieces of immense artistic interest and subtle invention of the men of those faraway lands makes me marvel.  I do not have words to express what I saw.”

 -  Albrect Durer

Apulian Red Figure Hydria

Howard Nowes - 02/28/2017

The Buddha, Hypostasis, and Magnanimity

Howard Nowes - 11/24/2016

For Buddhists, a properly sculpted Buddha figure is considered a hypostasis: a physical site that is the locus emanating actual but unseen metaphysical qualities - in this case the qualities possessed by the actual original historical figure of Buddha...

Ancient Egyptian Funerary Items as Collectible

Howard Nowes - 11/16/2016

Ancient Egyptian Funerary Items as Collectible

The Egyptians were particularly religious people obsessed by death and their preoccupation with the after life was to create the perfect harmony they found in the Egyptian living environment.

The Six Pillars of A Successful Art Appraisal

Leah Montalto - 11/09/2016


A good art appraiser will have an excellent background, including a genuine passion for art and art history, years of study, and lengthy experience in the field...

Why ISIS is Destroying Cities and Artifacts And What to Do About It

Howard Nowes - 04/14/2016

ISIS has destroyed vast stores of precious cultural artifacts in its quest to restore Salafi Islam, one of the earliest tribal versions of Islam, under which all sculptures, icons, and artistic representations of life are considered sacrilege.

The Origins of Psychiatry: Inexorably Entangled With Art

Leah Montalto - 10/12/2015





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