A Star Wars toy...or a piece of irreplaceable, one-of a-kind ancient art?

Dara Mayers - 08/06/2019

Boba Fet

As longtime dealers in antiquities and ethnographic arts, we have witnessed the vagaries of our little corner of the art market. Cycladic idols, that could be purchased for hundreds of dollars in the 70s, now going for millions. Greek bronze helmets that could be bought for $5,000 a decade ago now selling for ten times the price.

Things can go in the other direction as well; Colima dogs that used to sell for multiples of what they do today. Certain coins that have flatlined. But when we look at the sheer insanity of the larger art market, we feel pretty secure in our own personal and professional collecting.

While value is always subjective, when we see a Star Wars figure go for more than twice as much as an ancient, irreplaceable and beautiful work of art  we are reassured that while the market will always be crazy, at least in our world there are still remarkably powerful, and remarkably affordable, historically significant treasures to be found.

See our stock for timeless and one-of-a-kind works of art. All for a fraction of the cost of Boba Fett.


Dara Mayers, Associate Director 



Howard Nowes Ancient Art
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