Abundant, Innovative and Under-appreciated

Dara Mayers - 04/07/2023


Pre Columbian Costa Rican Art 


Dear Collectors,


Comprised of sloping inland planes, the Nicoyan peninsula of the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica has distinct atmospheric and geographical features. These beautiful, fertile lands provide an abundance of inspiration, which we can see in the arts left behind by peoples who lived here for thousands of years.


Although scholars and archaeologists have often neglected Costa Rica in favor of more empire-esque civilizations, the Nicoyan peoples’ culture was as rich and complex as their southern and northern counterparts. From the non-local materials and evident influences of South and Mesoamerican cultures, it's clear that the region was economically and creatively integrated with the rest of the Americas.


We’ve recently acquired a collection that is both wide and deep from the Upper East Side estate of Stanley Kaufman. He and his wife, Sigrun Rampoldt, were avid collectors in the early 70s, and were clearly obsessed with Costa Rican art. Their collection includes vibrant polychrome ceramics, intricately carved stone and fine jades. Below you can see just a few, select pieces.


We'll continue to share more works of art from ancient Costa Rican cultures whose innovations and merits remain under-appreciated. We hope to give them some much deserved attention.


Howard Nowes & Dara Mayers

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