Pre-Columbian Presentation at Appraiser's Conference A Success

Howard Nowes - 11/16/2017

We are proud to announce the successful completion of our lecture on Pre-Columbian art appraisals at this year's Appriaser's Association of America conference, as see in the photos below.


Howard Nowes AAA, the directory of Art for Eternity, spoke to an audience at the conference regarding the history of Mesoamerican art, culture and religion.

His presentation included an in-depth analysis of authentication techniques, the laws governing leal and ethical trade in the genre and the fair market valuation process.   

Nowes' presentation was a big hit among attendees, who appreciated the live demonstration of authentication of an ancient Pre-Columbian piece using lab grade testing materials with this assistance of his associate Leah.  If you are interested in recieving a full copy of the presentation along with bibliography, please contact Howard at for more information.

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Howard Nowes Ancient Art
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