On-line Gallery Exhibition: West Mexico sculptures in close proximity

Howard Nowes - 05/05/2020

Over many years we’ve built a fantastic collection of Colima figures, some of which you can see in this photograph. We love them because they are so alive, so whimsical, so strangely modern in style.

In these bizarre times we find them even more affecting: they dance together, celebrate together, hug and hold each other. They mourn, play music, play ball, eat and drink together.
We look forward to the day that we will all be able to do such things again. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy looking at —and perhaps collecting— these vibrant figures (and community scenes) from deep in the past.

We are now offering a site-wide promotional sale to entice you and, perhaps, take your mind off of current woes— in a way that goes easy on your budget.

For your safety please keep in mind that we are a private gallery closed to the public so there is no foot traffic. Objects are handled by two people wearing masks and gloves. Your order is professionally and safely packed in double box with plenty of bubble, peanuts and tissue. The post office and FedEx are still picking up so getting you your items is as safe and easy as ever.

We hope you enjoy these timeless pieces, and wish you and your loved ones health, happiness and safety.


Howard Nowes, Director
Dara Mayers, Associate Director




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