The Lure of Western Mexican Shaft Tomb Figures

Howard Nowes - 10/23/2014

Dear Friends,

2000 years ago in Western Mexico there was a burst of artistic ingenuity that is totally unique in the corpus of art history. The ceramics produced by these now extinct cultures--and preserved in shaft tomb chambers--continue to intrigue and excite.
Descendants buried their ancestors with offerings to aid them in the afterlife and to Hublot King Power Replica watches demonstrate their claim to lineage and kinship. A wealthy family tomb could have hundreds of buried ceramics. Although many were vessels and bowls for food and drink, there were also elaborate figures.

One reason for growing interest in these items is their inherently mysterious nature: so little is known about the cultures they come from. Another is that nothing created before or since looks anything like them--it's almost as if they appear out of nowhere. And, of course, the most obvious reason for increased interest in these works is that they are exceptionally beautiful and  well-crafted.

I find great joy and delight in collecting these sculptures because this is an area where masterpieces are still available--and still affordable. I am pleased to share with you the lure of ancient West Mexican ceramics, and I hope you will find these works as exciting as I do.


Howard M. Nowes
Art For Eternity

The Lure of Ancient West Mexican Ceramics
10607 Chinesca
Important Lagunillas Seated Female Chinesca
10607 - $14950
10852 Jalisco
10268 Jalisco Fine Female
Fine Jalisco Pottery
Kneeling Female

10286 - $9,750
10535b 3
Fine Colima Pottery
Seated Shaman

10535 - $7500

10118 Pre Columbian ball player
Rare Jalisco
Ameca Pottery Ball Player

10118 - $4,850
10586 Colima Mask
10686 Colima Dwarf
Colima Pottery
Lidded Drum

10270 - $4000

10134 2 Colima DOg
10536 2
Colima Pottery Double
Ducks Vessel

10536 - $3450
10276a COlima Pottery Shrimp Vessel
Colima Pottery Rare
Shrimp Effigy Vessel

10276 - $2750


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