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Seasons Greetings 2015

Howard Nowes - 12/16/2015

Roman & Medieval Jewlery: Classics Never go Out of Style

Howard Nowes - 03/01/2016

Style: The Lindy Effect & Ingenious Fibula


Art For Eternity Celebrates Marriage Legalization With Kylix of Ganymede

Howard Nowes - 06/30/2016

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Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Legal Nationwide, Art For Eternity Celebrates with Bacchanalian Kylix of Ganymede

We hope you enjoy celebrating the Supreme Court decision and this (extremely!) long-awaited advancement in civil rights.
Let us lovers of ancient art celebrate this historic ruling with a beautiful image of classic Greek homoerotic love from antiquity: Zeus and Ganymede, the all-powerful romantic pursuer and the stunningly handsome youth.

Appraiser's Association Conference November 2016

Howard Nowes - 11/12/2016



 Leah Montalto, Associate Director


Howard Nowes - 10/10/2017

The Objects of Art Show Los Angeles presents a unique experience for beginning as well as seasoned collectors, showcasing an extensive collection of antique, historic and contemporary material ranging from fashion, jewelry and ornamental items to furniture and books, prints, paintings and sculpture. Spanning the globe, the show brings together fine and folk art, tribal, American Indian and contemporary art all under one roof, creating a visual and cultural feast that is both encompassing and exclusive.

The Art of Provenance Research

Howard Nowes - 10/25/2018

 An object’s provenance can have a profound impact on its value and its trajectory through time as it passes from one collector to another.  At Art for Eternity we take pride in our commitment to thorough provenance research.  We investigate the provenance of each art object we are interested it, and we only acquire objects with excellent provenance.


True of Voice: The Royal Butler Ramessesemperre

Dara Mayers - 07/25/2019

egyptian relief

Sand, soda, and lime: mundane and magical

Dara Mayers - 02/05/2020

Glass is remarkable material. Liquid and solid, sturdy and brittle, mundane and magical. Infinitely fragile pieces of ancient Roman glass that have miraculously survived for thousands of years often serve as an entrée for people new to collecting.


Art For Eternity can serve you during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Howard Nowes - 04/18/2020

Dear Client,

Hello from New York City, where there is no traffic, no street noise and just a few, masked, pedestrians. Probably just like you, we are not quite sure what to do with ourselves during these strange times.

We do find some comfort in the ancient art that surrounds us. It reminds us of the transient nature of even dark and uncertain times.

We are now offering a site-wide promotional sale to entice you, and, hopefully, take your mind off of current woes-- in a way that goes easy on your budget.

We hope you enjoy these timeless pieces, and wish you and your loved ones health, happiness and safety.


Howard Nowes, Director
Art for Eternity Gallery

Happy Valentines Day 2022

Dara Mayers - 02/11/2022

Happy Valentines Day 2022


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