Big Circus Rider


b1622. Big Circus Rider

by Alexander Kalnitsky (B., 1951, Baku, U.S.S.R.)

executed 1995

18 x 24 inches, oil on canvas.

The artist Alexander Kalnitsky began painting early, following in the footsteps of both his father and grandfather. At the age of 13 he moved to Leningrad, where he soon was introduced to Vladimir Sterligov, a theoretician, painter, and former student of Kazimir Malevich, and in the proceeding years, studied the principles and tenets of Avant-Garde art together with Sterligov's students. The artist went on to study at the State Academy of Theatrical Arts (1968-77), earning a master's degree in stage design. While a student, Kalnitsky came under the influence of the avant-garde School of Analytical Art of Pavel Filonov, which transformed his perception and became formative in his career.

The artist has had various solo and group exhibitions in St. Petersburg. In 1987 he immigrated to the United States, and has been living in New York City since then. He has had exhibitions of his paintings at the Neuhoff Gallery, Frants Gallery, was represented by Leonard Hutton Gallery and Gregory Gallery, and has had a solo exhibition of his wooden painted sculptures at Enchanted Forest Gallery - all in New York. Alexander Kalnitsky's work is in many private collections in the United States and abroad.

1951 Born in Baku, Azerbaijan.
1964 Moved to Leningrad, Russia.
1966 Met artist Gennady Zubkov, and later was introduced to his teacher Vladimir Sterligov (1904–1973), who was a theoretician and à teacher, a student of Kazimir Malevich. Under Zubkov he studied artistic techniques of the Impressionists, Cezanne, the Cubists, and Suprematists. He periodically consulted with Sterligov about his work. He became familiar with Sterligov's "cupped-and-domed" system.

1968 Solo exhibition in Leningrad, Russia.
1969 Participated in a group exhibition with other students of Sterligov. Visited Elena Glebova, sister of artist Pavel Filonov. Became familiar with Filonov's painting. Filonov's works and his ideas had great influence on Alexander's perception of painting.

1977 Graduated from in the State Academy of Theatrical Arts, Department of Stage Design, Leningrad, Russia.

1987 Emigrated to the United States. He is now living in New York and for the past 12 years has worked as a restorer for Royal Athena Galleries in New York, a gallery specializing in classical antiquities.

1994 Solo exhibition of wooden painted sculptures in "Enchanted Forest" in Soho, New York.
1995 Participated in the exhibition "Sterligov Group" in Neuhoff Gallery, New York.
2000 Represented with Leonard Hutton Galleries and Gregory Gallery, New York.

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