Superb Egyptian Bronze Isis and Horus

10439. Superb Egyptian Bronze Isis and Horus

XXVIth Dynasty, Ca. 646 to 525 BC.

A fine cast of the mother goddess, enthroned seated with her feet resting on a tapering trapezoidal base and holding the child Horus in her lap. She is wearing a close-fitting dress, striated tripartite wig with vulture headdress and uraeus and horn and sun-disk. Height without tenon 6-1/2 inches (16.51 cm) + custom throne mount. Truly a rare and choice Egyptian bronze whose fine details are still crisp to this day. Acquired at a public auction as property of a deceased NY collector. Compare similar examples in George Steindorfs, Walters Art Gallery, Egyptian Sculpture.. & Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


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