Byzantine Silver Earrings (2)

11923. Byzantine Silver Earrings (2)

Circa 9th to 12th century AD

Each a hollow curved rod with a hanging conical sphere bisected by a rope work pattern and the rope work filigree at termini of conical dangler as well. Remains of gilt to surfaces.

Size ea. 1-3/8 inches Diam + custom mount.

Provenance: Ex collection A. T., Munich, acquired in 1985

Adornment in ancient cultures were always of great importance. Citizens would go to great lengths to acquire the latest fashion in clothing, hairstyles, and jewelry. Roman men, women, and children of all social classes wore jewelry, some of it quite elaborate and some very simple. It was viewed not just as adornment but as visible evidence of wealth and social status.

Original Price: $1,450

Special Price: $975

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