Moche Copper Funerary Mask


11930. Moche Copper Funerary Mask

Early/Middle Mochica, Loma Negra, circa 300 BC to 300 AD.

A well defined facial mask with realistic features in deep repousse. Large almond shaped eyes, each with brow outlined and naturalistic regal protruding nose. Original surface with a green cupric oxide patination. Heidi King in the book The Spirit of Ancient Peru says, "The Moche people were among the most skilled and innovative metal smiths in the Americas. The Moche valued copper highly and placed copper items in important burials as evidence in recently excavated tombs at the site of Sipan.” Size 10-1/8 inches L. + custom mount Ex Brooklyn NY private Collection. Ex Sotheby’s New York 1972. Ex Alan Lapiner's Art of the Four Quarters.


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