Inca Inka Gold Mask


11974. Inca Inka Gold Mask

Peru, Early Inca, South Highlands, circa 1200 to 1300 AD

A beaten sheet of gold with a protruding nose and diamond shaped eyes. There are 20 punched holes around the perimeter of the mask which was used to sew the mask to a mummy bundle for the afterlife. There are traces of the original cinnabar to the surface.

Size: 6-1/2 inches Height x 7-3/4 inches Width. Weight 54 grams. Includes a custom presentation mount

Ex American Private Collection, Acq. prior to 1970.

Similar masks are illustrated in Oro Del Antiguo Peru, plates 203 & 204.

Published Capturing The Sun, Master Craftsmen of Ancient Mesoamerica, gallery exhibition October 2017

Original Price: $22,500

Special Price: $18,000

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