Fine Italo Corinthian Pottery Olpe with Animal Friezes

12356. Fine Italo Corinthian Pottery Olpe with Animal Friezes

Circa 570 BC.

The body decorated with four rows of friezes of birds, panthers and flowers added in umber slip, with two rotella atop the handle with star burst decoration and a handle joining the body and flaring rim. Size 11 inches (28 cm) high. Repaired from about dozen pieces and the join line painted in. Provenance: Ex German collection, acquired from Michael Schindler, Cologne, in 1979. Accompanied by letters in German from Schindler discussing the piece dated to 1979 which translate as follows - The first paper says basically that he confirms the authenticity of the listed works and that he always will take them back if there are problems - The second paper says - The pieces with number 1 2 (this vase) & 3 were inspected in the Roman-Germanic museum (RGM) in Cologone and in the academic institute in Bonn. Both were inspected there and considered to be authentic. In the RGM I handed the pieces over to Dr. Neu, who kept them for 2 weeks to check them with his colleagues. Dr. Neu only stated that “such smooth surfaces were not of his knowledge, but they don´t bother him in the context of authenticity. To be 100% sure, I showed them to Dr. Grunewald at the the academic institute in Bonn. She confirmed the statement of their Cologne colleagues and that she has no doubts about them. Furthermore I warranty fort he authenticity oft he pieces.
The numbers 4 and 5 are newly acquired by me and are not tested and presented tot he museum yet. Collector friends that I showed the pieces had no doubts about it, so as I am convinced about the authenticity of the works.”


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