Vera Cruz  Pottery Seated Female

12935. Vera Cruz Pottery Seated Female

Gulf coast of Mexico, Ca. 600 to 800 AD.

An effigy figure, she wears a brim headdress and openwork ear ornaments on her idealized head. She has wide almond eyes, exposed breasts and smiling face grin. Front right leg gone, arm repaired else good surface quality. Impressive stature at size 14-1/2 inches height. Ex lifetime collection of Drs. Saul Tuttman & Gregory Siskind, NYC. TL thermoluminiscent test positive for authenticity.
For more on Vera cruz see "Ancient Art of Vera cruz", Ethnic Arts Council of L.A., 1971.
Also see Ceremonial Sculpture of Ancient Vera cruz", Hillwood Art Center, Long Island University, 1987.

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