Fine Ancient Egyptian Faience Ushabti of Horudja

13156. Fine Ancient Egyptian Faience Ushabti of Horudja

30th Dynasty (380-343 BC)

The figure holding farming implements, the body inscribed with nine horizontal bands of hieroglyphics naming Horudja, a priest of the goddess Neith. size 8-7/8 inches H.
Horudja’s tomb was discovered by Flinders Petrie at Hawara, near the Faiyum, in 1888. Petrie found 399 shabtis belonging to Horudja, distributed between two niches at either end of the sarcophagus. Many had been damaged by the flooding in the tomb, but most preserve the fine workmanship of a master shabti-maker. Provenance: Purchased from Charles Ede Ltd., London, 1994.


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