Egyptian Faience Ushabti of Pa-Di-Neith

13290. Egyptian Faience Ushabti of Pa-Di-Neith

Late Period, 26th Dynasty ca.664 - 525 BC

Fine bluish-green glazed faience pottery mummiform ushabti, wearing the royal wig and beard, holding implements in both hands, and wearing a seek sack over his left shoulder. Register of finely rendered hieroglyphics down the back pillar translate to: "If one should assign Padineith, born of Hetepbast, to do any work in the necropolis, 'Here I am!' you shall say". The tomb of Pa-di-Neith was found by Italian architect and Egyptologist Alessandro Barsanti (1858-1917) in 1900. Padi-Neith Son of Hetep-Bastet the attendant of the Horses and Scribe of the Royal Stables of King Ahmose II. Size: 5-3/4 inches (14.5cm) H. + custom mount. Intact, excellent condition.
Provenance: Ex. Cyrus Collection, acquired from Edward Safani, NYC., 1960s-1970s. A fine quality example.



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