Egyptian Blue Glaze Faience Ushabti for the Divine

13354. Egyptian Blue Glaze Faience Ushabti for the Divine

22nd Dynasty, circa 1069-702 B.C.

Adoratrice Henuttawy A blue glazed faience composition mummiform ushabti, depicted with arms crossed and holding implements, wearing a bag wig. Decorated with black glazed horizontal glyph registers which wrap all around from front to back. Translates as follows. “(1) Illuminate the Osiris, the divine adoratrice Henuttawy. She says: O you shabti! (2) If the Osiris, the divine adoratress Henuttawy, true of voice, should be assigned or conscripted to do any work (3) that needs to be done there in the necropolis, once obstacles have been removed there to do (work), (4) or if (she) should be consigned at any time to cultivate fields, to irrigate riverbanks, (5) or to transport sand of the West to the East and vice versa, ‘Here I am!’ you shall say.” Intact, good condition but somewhat weathered. Size: 6-1/4 inches H + custom mounted. Ex Scottsdale AZ Collection.


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