Xantil Pottery Figural Brazier

13485. Xantil Pottery Figural Brazier

Aztec, Eastern Nahua, ca. A.D. 1300-1521

Earthenware with red, yellow and blue pigment, depicting Xochipili, the god of art, games, beauty, dance, flowers, and song, seated with hands to knees. Size: 13-5/8 inches H. Cf. Before Cortes, fig. 263. The enlarged head is typical of the Late Postclassic International style in that it emphasizes the iconography of the face. The effigies were intended to carry the prayers of priests to the heavens. Copal incense was ignited and the effigy was set over it so that the smoke passed out of the head to animate the figure as if it were a seated noble in the act of singing or praying.
Ex Coll of Saul Tuttman & Gregory Siskind, NY Doctors acq 1970s.


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