Egyptian Fresco Painting with Two Figures


13502. Egyptian Fresco Painting with Two Figures

New Kingdom 19th Dynasty, ca. 1293-1185 BC

A mud brick painting depicting the two draped figures grouped close together, the one bald figure in front, probably a Priest. Traces of hieroglyphic inscription in black ink. Horizontal line at top: ‘…of Lower Egypt (?). The servant…’ At right: ‘…Djerty (= modern el-Tod, near Luxor).’Vertical line at lower right: “His beloved bodily son, the high priest…’ Thus, a couple titles but no names. Two things suggest this wall painting comes from a tomb on the west bank of Luxor: (1) the title ‘servant’ (literally ‘who hears the call’), which was common at Deir el-Medina, and the name of the town Djerty, which was near Luxor.

Size 12-1/4 in H x 8 in W. in a fitted glass frame.

Provenance: Acquired from Jerome M. Eisenberg, Royal Athena Galleries NYC, probably between August and September of 1982 as inv WLES07. The copy of the original invoice is no 2117 which falls between August 25th, 1981, invoice (2030) and December 11, 1982 invoice (2161). Also the invoice makes reference to a payment of $5000 received on 8/16 and a payment due on 9/15. That means the date of the invoice can reasonably be said to fall between August 16th and September 15, 1982.

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