Egyptian Faience Overseer Reis Ushabti for Iy-me-seba

13547. Egyptian Faience Overseer Reis Ushabti for Iy-me-seba

Third Intermediate Period, 21st - 22nd Dynasty, Ca. 945 - 715 B.C. Probably from Thebes.

Probably from Thebes. Mummiform mold-made overseer figure: wears tripartite wig with fillet and eyes/brows added in black. Streamers from fillet are very long and reach to legs at the rear of the figure. Arms crossed on chest; whip with very long lash added in black on right side of figure. Inscribed: Wsir iy-mi-sbA ‘the Osiris Iy-mi-seba ( lit. ‘(he) who comes like a star’)’ Triangular protrusion at fron of legs to indicate a kilt, inscribed in black with owner’s name. Size 4-3/8 inches (10.5cm) + custom mount. Provenance Julian Bird, London, acquired between 1970-2012. M0699. ex UK collection acquired in 1960s from Egypt.


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