Egyptian Terracotta Inscribed Ushabti for Pentaweret

13550. Egyptian Terracotta Inscribed Ushabti for Pentaweret

New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, Ca. 1220 to 1100 BC

Size 7-1/4 inches (18cm) high + custom mount. Provenance: Julian Bird Collection, London, acquired from a German dealer in 2013, previously in a Spanish collection. A tall well preserved painted pottery shabti inscribed for Pentaweret formed of red Nile silt clay with a yellow wash over the front of portion. The figure is adorned with a tripartite wig and broad collar with eyes and mouth indicated in black. The shabti bears two hoes and a basket held by two cords slung over the shoulder depicted on the unmodeled reverse side in black paint. A single frontal column of hieroglyphs in black bears the abbreviated ushabti spell, common from the New Kingdom onward. It derives from the book of the dead and requests, 'Make bright the Osiris, Pentaweret, true of voice', a fine appealing Ramesside Period example. Could this have been the shabti for the Son of Rameses III?


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