Egyptian Pottery Polychrome Ushabti for Wah-Smen

13552. Egyptian Pottery Polychrome Ushabti for Wah-Smen

19th - 20th Dynasty

A molded mummiform painted pottery figure wearing a tripartite wig, painted black, possibly with white fillet. Face painted red with added eye details in black. Arms folded across chest, with pair of hoes added in black on front and rectangular suspended bag on back added in black. Body of figure is painted white, with 3 horizontal ‘bandage’ lines added in yellow, and red band framing arms added in red. Inscription enclosed in border added down front in black.Vertical column of text down front from chest area downwards enclosed in black borders: sHd wsir wAh smn(?) ‘illuminating the Osiris Wah- Smen (lit. ‘the enduring support (?) or Wah-Smen [‘(the one who) Lays down the record’]. Size 6-1/2 inches (15.5cm) high + custom mount. Provenance Julian Bird Collection, London, acquired between 1970 – 2012.


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