Egyptian Faience Ushabti for Pa-di-Kemen-per-sa

13560. Egyptian Faience Ushabti for Pa-di-Kemen-per-sa

Late Period, XXVI Dynasty, 664-525 B.C.

Pa-dit-Kemen-per-sa, (lit. 'the gift of kemen-per-sa), whose mother was Ast-kemen-itj (lit.'Isis-kemen is come').Small delicately molded pale blue faience mummiform figure, finely executed features: Wears modeled tripartite wig and tapering beard, fine facial details; hands crossed on chest R over L holding tools: mattock on R, hoe/ bag on LHS; back-pillar, pedestal base. T-shaped inscription incised on front within lined border.
Probably a worker figure.T-shaped text enclosed in border: shdj wsir, pA-di-k-mn-pr-sA [or hd],ms n Ast-k-mn-[i]ti ‘Illuminating the Osiris, Pa-di-kemen-per-sa ['the gift of kemen-per-sa], born of Ast-kemen-itj ['Isis-kemen is come'].
Size: 3 inches (7.7cm) high + plinth.
Provenance: Ex Julian Bird Collection, London, acquired London, Parthenon Gallery 2007.


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