Old Babylonian Hematite Cylinder Seal

13611. Old Babylonian Hematite Cylinder Seal

Ca. Late 2nd Millennium BC.

Smooth black carved stone cylinder, pierced for suspension and the face with three standing figures. On the right is the Sun God ‘Shamash’ wearing a big beard, headdress and long pleated robe. He holds his hands in raised position. A Priest faces him wearing a similar headgear and robe garment. On the left is another robed suplicant, depicted standing and holiding ‘vessel’ and ‘ball-staff. Three line cuneiform inscription translates as follows - Nawiram-sharur, son of Ili-RA-ma servant of Ninsianna (and) Shamash. (Ninsianna is the planet Venus, Shamash the Sun god). Size 1-1/8 inches (29mm) L. Repaired. Ex NY Private Collector acquired in 2000s from Dr. Bron Lipkin UK.


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