Sumerian Cuneiform Foundation Cone

13632. Sumerian Cuneiform Foundation Cone

Mesopotamia, 1st Dynasty of Isin, ca. 1953-1935 BC

with cuneiform inscriptions from the reign of Ishme-Dagan. Buff clay cone shape with used for dedication in the foundations of buildings and temples somewhat like a time capsule. 12 columns of beautifully cut text.

Ishme-Dagan, mighty man, king of Isin, king of the four quarters (of the world), when he cancelled the tribute obligations of Nippur, the city beloved by Enlil, and excused its men from military service, he built the great wall of Isin. The name of that wall is “By the grace of Enlil Ishme-Dagan is powerful.”

Size: 4 inches H. Excellent surface. Ex NY private Collecton

Translation from A.R. George in Bibliotheca Orientalis 53 (1996): 366, and Cuneiform Royal Inscriptions and Related Texts in the Schoyen Collection, (2011): 91 no. 39


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