Egyptian Bronze Aegis with Memphis Triad


13689. Egyptian Bronze Aegis with Memphis Triad

XXVIth Dynasty Ca. 626 to 525 BC

A fine casting of a broad collar, with incised jewel-like motifs, twin horus head termini and incised with the central powerful udjat eye and surmounted by a triad of protective deity heads. Central is the cat headed goddess Sekhmet with a disc headdress, to her right is Nefertum (headdress damaged) and Ptah to the other side. Triads were powerful religious symbols used to combine popular deities into cult centers yielding enormous powers to the priests. This triad was popular in Memphis. Size 4-1/4 H x 4-1/4 Wide.
Compare with similar example with an Isis head in the Petrie Collection, University College, London. Ex Old Minerial TX collection. Choice and rare.

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