Nayarit Chinesca Pottery Sanding Figure

13969. Nayarit Chinesca Pottery Sanding Figure

West Mexico, Protoclassic, ca. 100 B.C. - A.D. 250

Perhaps the most desirable of all Nayarit pottery styles, an unusually large Chinesca pottery female standing with legs slightly apart, possessing a characteristic heart-shaped head with a minimalist visage comprised of black lined slitted eyes, a protruding nose, and a small slit mouth. Her hands are placed to her slightly protruding womb, just above her voluptuous thighs.
Nude except for a netted loincloth and jewelry (armbands, necklaces, nosering, labrets, and ear ornaments), this lady is a strong symbol of fertility. Nice burnished red slip and manganese blooms.

Size: 10-1/4 inches H + custom mount.

Provenance: Ex-Triffo Collection, acquired in the 1970s


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