Maya Chama Type Seated Jaguar Deity Vase


14004. Maya Chama Type Seated Jaguar Deity Vase

Late Classic Period, Ca 550 to 950 CE

Polychrome decorated cylinder vase decorated with two large seated Jaguar headed deities, wearing large feathered headdresses and loincloths. An offering vase in front of one of the deities, upper and lower solid bands. Scattered strong mineral deposits on the surface.

Size: 6-1/4 inches H x 5-1/2 inches D.

Provenance: Private FL. physicians collection, acquired 2003, from Diane McBride, daughter of Major Elmer McBride, acquired the collection in 1947, with copy of letter from daughter.

Compare simiar example n Justin Kerr’s; Painting the Maya Universe,p.194;

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