Chimu Textile Band with Two Warriors

14230. Chimu Textile Band with Two Warriors

Peru, Central Coast, Late Intermediate Period, Ca. 1100 - 1550 A.D.

Portion of a band which is woven in camelid fiber in tapestry depicting two fierce warriors, each grasping trophy heads held by their long strands of hair. They have tall fretwork headdresses and are wearing banded tunics with striped and geometric designs. Tapestry uses discontinuous weft yarns, the weaver interlaces each colored weft thread back and forth in its own small pattern area and then packs the colored weft threads down so tightly that they completely conceal the undyed, vertical warps. The packing-down consumes extravagant amounts of yarn and, of course, labor and time. However, it lends itself to the creation of intricate, mosaic-like patterns made up of areas of pure, undiluted color. The warp is typically cotton, while the weft is silky camelid hair and the two sides are reversible. This technique was reserved for high status textiles. Overall exc. cond. Framed under glass.
Size: 11-1/8”L. x 4”W.
Provenance: Private East Coast Collection. Acquired by the current collection in 1993, Merrin Gallery, NY. Sothebys, NY, Nov. 22, 1993 (lot 185), Mr. and Mrs. Allen Alperton, Westchester and San Francisco. Collection # GR975.


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