Balinese Astrological Calendar: Palintangan


14246. Balinese Astrological Calendar: Palintangan

Indonesia, ca. mid 20th century AD

The Palintangan Calendars or almanacs are used to determine the character of a person born on a particular day. They specify what offerings should be made to alleviate sickness and misfortune, according to the day of birth of the individual. Each day of the seven-day week has a set of attributes, some shown at the top: a god or goddess; a character from the shadow-puppet (Wayang) theatre; a tree and a bird.
Palintangan were the most frequently produced type of paintings and were available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes and are vry decorative. This one consists of 49 illustrated panels.

Size: 32 x 24 inches (82 x 61 cm)

Ex: Estate of Diran Dohanian, distinguished art historian and Asian art specialist. Most of Professor Dohanian's collection was formed in the 1960s-70s, beginning when he was residing in India conducting research for his book, "The Mahayana Buddhist Sculpture Of Ceylon." He later developed a keen interest in Japanese and Chinese scroll paintings.


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