Roman Bronze Phallus Pendants (4)

14366. Roman Bronze Phallus Pendants (4)

Eastern Mediterranean, Ca 1st to 3rd Century AD

Four different types of bronze phallus pendants. First a triple penis, two pointing in opposing directions, third straight on with accompanying testicles, large loop at top, green patina. Next a long thin penis with prominent foreskin, and small testicles behind. Large loop at top, dark green-brown patina. Third is a shorter, thicker phallus, suspension loop damaged. Final is part of a fibula pin, the ribbed shaft and partial pin spring remain. Green encrustation. Sizes: 1-1/8 inches to 1-3/4 inches L.
Provenance: Ex. Estate of Daryl P. Gruber Kulok NYC & CT. (1960-2019), acquired 2000s. Ex. Arte for Eternity, NYC.

Original Price: $795

Special Price: $595

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