Fine Vera Cruz Pottery Smiling Sonriente


14380. Fine Vera Cruz Pottery Smiling Sonriente

Gulf coast of Mexico, Remojadas, Ca. 600 to 800 AD.

Hollow molded buff terracotta standing child with hands held up, one holding an implement; wearing ceremonial garb: necklace, chest wrapping, loincloth, earclips and bag headdress. A fine face with almond shaped eyes, triangular nose, and mouth slightly parted with fleshy lips.
Size: 14 inches H. + custom mount.

For more on Vera cruz see Ancient Art of Vera cruz, Ethnic Arts Council of L.A., 1971. Also see Ceremonial Sculpture of Ancient Vera cruz, Hillwood Art Center, Long Island University, 1987. Ex Brooklyn NY Collector GF. 2000s


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