Etruscan Bronze Fighting Heraklese or Hercules

14421. Etruscan Bronze Fighting Heraklese or Hercules

Circa 4th to 3rd Century BC

The standing hero depicted in a striding pose, nude with stylized muscular torso, facial features and cap like hair. In his hands he once held a club and a bow; a lion skin draped over the left arm. Deep olive green patina.
Size 4-3/8 inches (10.8cm) H. + custom mount.
Ex old collection Selborne, Hampshire England.
Heraklese or Hercules, a Greek mythological hero, son of Zeus, noted for his strength and courage and for his many legendary exploits, was no doubt an inspiration to the athleticism needed for the competition of the Olympic games. He was a popular cult hero in Eturia where many votive statuettes like this were found.


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