Costa Rican Diquis Stone Jaguar Effigy


14472. Costa Rican Diquis Stone Jaguar Effigy

Atlantic Watershed Zone, Ca. 1000 to 1200 AD.

Carved from volcanic andesite stone in a tight style with broad grinning toothy mouth, short jutting ears and compact limbs. Jaguars were well known jungle creatures, elusive for their speed and known for their grace and massive strength, the jaguar was believed to dominate nature and inspire respect and awe throughout the ancient Americas. Warriors, rulers, hunters, and shamans alike associated themselves with this King of Beasts, the largest and most powerful feline in the New World whom they viewed as their spirit companion and protector.
Provenance: Ex Collection of Raymond Enkeboll California.
See a similar example in Seeing with New Eyes, Highlights of the Michael C. Carlos Museum Emory University by R. Stone Miller, no.313.


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