Mezcala M-10 Andesite Stone Seated Stargazer

14494. Mezcala M-10 Andesite Stone Seated Stargazer

Mexico, Ca. 300 BC to 300 AD.

Powerful angular squat abstract human form conveying massive proportions with simple angular cuts, his upturned head with deeply cut neck; his head with undercut eyes and expressive recessed mouth, his hands across lap at draw up knees. Head left pecked unfinished but toes carefully incised; surface ritually polished. Size 5-3/8 inches (13.6cm) H.

Intact, good ancient surface. Ex Private IL Coll. L.M., acq 1980s.
According to Mezcala by Carlo Gay and Frances Pratt, the ration of seated figures to standing ones is 20 to 1 but I believe it is nmore like 50 to 1; Gay, Carlos, MEZCALA: Ancient Stone Sculpture from Guerrero, Mexico; Balsas Publications, Geneva, 1992.


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