Egyptian Green Glaze Steitite Scarab for Protection


14693. Egyptian Green Glaze Steitite Scarab for Protection

Dynasty XXII-XXVI Ca 945 to 525 BC.

Naturalistic carved, smooth wing case; base inscribed with protective powers including the symbol of Neith, two intercepting arcs or two crossed arrows at the center. On the sides; a uraeus cobra and a winged beetle; a fine and deeply cut design. Pierced for suspension.
Neith was the Goddess of the Delta town Sais and one of four protector goddesses who guarded canopic jars and coffins She attained prominence in the Late Period because the kings of the XXVIth Dynasty came from Sais.
Size: 7/8 inches (2.3 cm) L. Intact.
Compare, Petrie’s Historical Scarabs,for the type
Provenance: Ex prominent NY collector D.K. Acq 2000s.


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