Paracas Incised Bowl with Monkeys


14707. Paracas Incised Bowl with Monkeys

South Coast Peru, Ca. 600 to 300 BC.

Large polychrome bowl with a shallow rim. The exterior has been painted with two large monkeys, having coiled snake tongues, the interior with black slip. These figures mirror those seen on Paracas textiles, which were used to wrap elite members of Paracas society in mummy bundles. With original yellow, brown-black slip polychrome paint. Paracas incised terracotta bowls like these, are placed and used in the burial context. Condition: professionally repaired from a few large pieces. Size: 3 inches H. x 9 inches D. Provenance: Ex. Toru Nishiyama, Osaka City, Japan, 2019, ex. Private collection Mr. Huroshi Miura, Tokyo, Japan, acquired by the previous owner 1983-2019, ex. Private collection Mr. Yusaku Tawara, Tokyo, Japan, acquired European Art Market 1970 - 1983.


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