Mayan Pottery Polychrome Fragmented Cylinder


14722. Mayan Pottery Polychrome Fragmented Cylinder

Ca. 500 to 800 AD.

Ritual cylinder fragment overall slip in orange, tan and red. Exterior with wonderful depiction of a lord seated and holding a spear, wearing loincloth, beaded neck collar, ear ornaments and headdress. There is a device or hieroglyphic symbol, perhaps representing a portal to another world, between the figures. 4-3/4 in. Once was a fine example with vibrant colors and excellent brushwork. The breaks are ancient so this vessel was used in the fragmented state, a testament to the importance of such items.
Provenance; Inherited from the current owner, Moundsville, WV, from his grandfather who was said to have it since 1960s.


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