Egyptian Polychrome Painted Wood Ptah Soker Osiris for Padiamu

14729. Egyptian Polychrome Painted Wood Ptah Soker Osiris for Padiamu

Ptolemaic Period, Ca. 304 to 30 BC.

Depicted mummiform, overall painted and wearing a striped tripartite wig and green face with black and white painted eyes, pupils, cosmetic lines and brows, the body painted red, with net bands outlined in black, a vertical column of hieroglyphs down the center of the body front and back for a lengthy inscription. The figure is inserted into a separately-made high rectangular plinth. Ptah Soker Osiris was the God of resurrection and standard funerary equipment for the deceased. It was customary to have one such statue in every tomb.As early as the Old Kingdom, the god Ptah of Memphis formed close links with the funerary god of the city, Sokar, leading to the creation of the god Ptah-Sokar. In later times this god also acquired the characteristics of the god Osiris, resulting in the god Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. Statues of the god often formed part of the tomb equipment in the Late Period. They usually show a mummy with a human head standing on a base, wearing a crown.

Size:19 inches (48.3cm.) high.

Front translation: “The Osiris, the prophet of Montu, lord of Thebes, Padiamun, son of the prophet of Amun, mayor, and vizier Nespeqashuty.”
Back translation: “An offering that the king gives to Osiris, foremost of the West, the great god, lord of Abydos, that he may (in turn) give all offerings and provisions, everything good and pure for the spirit of the Osiris, the scribe Padiamun, true of voice.”

Condition. Very Good; Missing plumed headdress; missing Ba bird who sits in front. Minor touch up to the painted net pattern of the garment.

Provenance: Originally collected by Dr. Otto O. Fisher, M.D., (1880-1961) Detroit MI. Upon Dr. Fishers death, his collection went to his daughter; Dr. Evelyn Josephine Fisher, M.D. (1941-2020). When Dr. E. Fisher passed away in December 2020, these artifacts were bequeathed to her nephew, Nelson Gregory, the present owner.

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