Egyptian Turquoise Faience Seal Ring with Inscription


14733. Egyptian Turquoise Faience Seal Ring with Inscription

Date: Late Period, Ca 715 to 30 BC.

Bright blue in color, with a plain double hoop expanding to the large rectangular shaped bezel, with a crude, repetitive hieroglyphic (?) inscription. The Egyptians primarily used signet, or seal, rings, in which a seal engraved on the bezel can be used to authenticate documents by the wearer. Egyptian seal rings typically had the name and titles of the owner deeply sunk in hieroglyphic characters on the bezel.

Size: 3 inches L. x 5/8 inches W. (flat face)

Condition: Very Good; Clean repair to bezel and with nice green color to glaze.

Provenance: Originally collected by Dr. Otto O. Fisher, M.D., (1880-1961) Detroit MI. Upon Dr. Fishers death, his collection went to his daughter; Dr. Evelyn Josephine Fisher, M.D. (1941-2020). When Dr. E. Fisher passed away in December 2020, these artifacts were bequeathed to her nephew, Nelson Gregory, the present owner.


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