Egyptian Tan  Faience Scarab Gold Swivel Ring


14803. Egyptian Tan Faience Scarab Gold Swivel Ring

Late Period to Ptolemaic Period, Circa 664-30 B.C.

A nice ancient steatite scarab set in a modern 14k gold rope-work surround, swivel mounted in a horseshoe shaped ring; swivels with ease. The realistically rendered beetle with smooth wing case and pronounced clyepus and a magical protective inscription in hieroglyphs on base. The scarab is in excellent intact condition.

Ring size 5-1/2; 14k gold; Length of scarab 1/2 inches (1.25 cm).
Property from a California Private Collection; Provenance:
Private Collection, New York, acq Butterscotch Auction, New York, 19 March 2017, Lot 365


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