Holyland Terracotta Quadruped Askos


14908. Holyland Terracotta Quadruped Askos

Iron Age I-II; Ca 1200 to 900 BC.

Votive buff clay animal with circular spout atop back; circular incised eyes, tall ears and rounded snout. Unusual saddle and bundles at either side represent twin spout openings. Size 5-1/2 in Length x 4 inches H. Some minor restoration, good ancient patina.

Domestic animals such as donkeys, mules, cows and oxen were the most common means of transportation in antiquity, literal beasts of burden. Baskets, sacks or jars were tied to the animals back, held by ropes or nets and aided in building the economy and cities of the middle east.

Cp also a similar example in A Man and His Land: Highlights from the Moshe Dayan Collection, by Tallay Ornan, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; 1986, no 23. Ex Prominent NY collector Daryl Kulok acq 2000s


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