Aztec/Toltec Pottery Xipe Totec Wearing Costume

14998. Aztec/Toltec Pottery Xipe Totec Wearing Costume

Nahua, Post classic period, Ca. 900 to 1200 AD 

 Salmon color pottery large standing god Xipe Totec wearing a long sleeved articulated body suit, hands held in front of his chest. Expressive facial features, wide open mouth, eyes closed and pierced ear lobe, looking slightly upwards.

Xipe Totec, the Aztec god of spring and regeneration, appears in many Mesoamerican cults. A fertility deity, Xipe Totec vividly conveys the concept of death and rebirth by wearing the flayed skin of a sacrificial victim. Meaning literally “our lord, the flayed one,” Xipe Totec is also associated with the arrival of spring, when the earth covers itself with a new coat of vegetation and exchanges its dead skin for a new one. During the corn-planting festival, Xipe Totec was worshipped by a priest who, dressed in the skin of a flayed victim, ritually enacted the death-and-renewal cycle of the earth. Xipe Totec was the divine embodiment of life emerging from the dead land and of the new plant sprouting from the seed.

Condition: Repairs visible and with minor losses; overall in very good condition for this type of figure. A fine example. CIRAM TL thermoluminiscent test positive; report # 1121-OA-66N-4 confirms authenticity.
Size: 27-1/2 inches H. x 11-1/2 inches W.
Provenance: Collection of Marianne and Robert Huber, Dixon, IL. & NYC., acquired 1970s.

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