Jamacoaque Pottery Important Seated Shaman

15181. Jamacoaque Pottery Important Seated Shaman

Manabi Province, Ecuador, ca. 500 AD

Hollow ceramic with yellow, blue, and black pigments. Most parts of it were mold-made with details added by hand, and it has appliqué earring decorations that were made in smaller molds. It depicts a regal male lord or shaman seated on a bench, wearing elaborate ceremonial garb; fabulous feather ear ornaments, large pectoral bead collar, horn atop head, pierced multiple nose ornaments and a loincloth. On his chest is the large head of an owl or other raptor. Dress and ornament were identifiers of clans and ethnic groups and markers of rank among many ancient American peoples. Information encoded in elements of clothing and jewelry would have been understood by the members of those groups. Named for the modern towns of Jama and Coaque in the coastal lowlands of the figures from the area, depict warriors, musicians, dancers, and lord-like figures such as this.

Size: 17 ½ inches Height

Cp. Pre-Columbian Art of South America by Alan Lapiner and Amerindian Signs, 5000 Years of Pre-Columbian Art in Ecuador by Valdez for similar examples of this type.

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