Egyptian Turquoise Faience Amulet & Scarab Necklace

15207. Egyptian Turquoise Faience Amulet & Scarab Necklace

New Kingdom, Late 18th Dyn, 1360 BC

Faience and composition, and stone multicolored tubes and spacer beads in blue glaze faience, modern gold filled beads. Multiple ancient amulets and scarabs adorn this strand. A plaque with inscription of Uraeus and cartouche as central feature. Also present are green polished stone stele form plaque beads and a brown glaze steatitle rectangular Royal plaque; one side with feather and cartouche of Tuthmosis III, the other with the King holding two serpents. Multiple green and tan scarabs with incised hieroglyphics on bases. A Djed pillar in dark blue glaze with four horizontal bars and tapering lower section; loop handle at top. Symbolic of stability, endurance, regenerative power and eternal strength;

The blue color of the amulets and beads are symbolic for water, rebirth and strong regenerative powers.

Size: 18 Inch modern restrung. Provenance Ex Walter Crawford Collection AZ 1960-1970

Superb collection.


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