Mayan Polychrome Painted Maize God Plate


15332. Mayan Polychrome Painted Maize God Plate

Classic Period, Ca 300 to 400 AD.

The general appearance of this Dancer plate can best be compared with the example found in a tomb in structure A-1 at Uaxactun. Note as such specifically the background color as well as the glyphic designs presented between the double red lines. The center figure is depicted from the side, and only his streched right arm is indicative of any dynamic movement. Around his waist there clearly is protective gear present, an indication of an association with the ballgame. Two of the glyphic designs can easily be compared with similar designs on other plates, but the bottom two glyphic designs are very close to the Initial Sign and the God N variant as found on a ceramic vessel cataloged as Kerr No. 0530. If correctly identified, this would be a Tikal Dancer plate with a (partial) Primary Standard Sequence.
Size: 12-1/4 in. diameter x 2-3/4 inches Height.
A nice unrestored, all original specimen with some abrasions to surface.
Compare with a similar example on no 1271; The Maize God dances.
Provenance: UK Collection, acquired in the 1970s; Chiswick Auctions, London.


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