Apulian Red-Figured Amphora

15348. Apulian Red-Figured Amphora

South Italy Ca 4th Centiury BC

from the circle of the Kantharos Group (320-310 BC). An imposing vessel with lavish decoration, twin handles on shoulder and with a flared rim and long stem disc foot. The body of this amphora is densely decorated with scrolls, palmettes, vines, and flowers. The obverse depicts a female's head emerging from a patera. The reverse is a single female head in profile adorned with sakos. A lovely example for an elite member of society of the time. Size: 24-3/8 inches (61.9 cm) Height. Repaired from about 2 doz pieces with restoration over break lines. For additional reading on this style of amphora, refer to A Dale Trendalls Red Figure Vases of Apula and The Art of Southern Italy, by Margaret Ellen Mayo, Virginia Museum 1983 exhibition. Provenance: Private Collection (K.F.), Germany, 1970s.

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