Mayan Polychrome Painted Pottery Jaguar Relief


15359. Mayan Polychrome Painted Pottery Jaguar Relief

El Quiche, Ca 550 to 950 AD.

An impressive quality section from a massive cache vessel, vividly painted and modeled with head of a jaguar within the gaping jaws of an earth monster. This iconography is seen in the creation myth of the Maya, the Popul Vuhl, where the earth monster and jaguar are associated with the undewrworld, life, death, and rebirth.

The Maya also associated the jaguar with strength and leadership. Warriors, rulers, and shamans alike associated themselves with this King of Beasts, the largest and most powerful cat in the New World.

Painted in red, white, black and yellow, pigment. Quite ornate.

Size: 17-3/4 inches (45cm) High x 17 inches (43cm) wide + custom mount.

Provenance: Bonhams sale room, Oxford, UK, June 17 2009, lot 440, acquired by Romy Rey UK, the previous owner.


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