Cypriot Terracotta  Quadriga Chariot with Warriors


15508. Cypriot Terracotta Quadriga Chariot with Warriors

Ca. 6th Century BC.

The terracotta statuette depicts a charioteer driving a quadriga (four-horse chariot) accompanied by a warrior standing behind him. Both men are bearded and wear conical helmets with disc ear protectors; the seated driver hands out to reigns, the other behind with disc shield on his back. The horses and chairot are attached to the integral base.
Condition: One horse and corner of platform missing, wheels chipped, two horse and one human head repaired.
Size 6 inches H. x 5-5/8 inches L.
For a similar, less complete example, see The Getty Museum’s object no 71.AD.147. and The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Censnola Collection.
Compare Desmond Morris, The Art od Ancient Cyprus, for similar example.
Choice and rare.

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