Attic Red Figure Bell Krater with Nude Athlete


15696. Attic Red Figure Bell Krater with Nude Athlete

Athens Greece Circa 4th century BC

An inverted ceramic bell shape with twin handles under the rim and used in the symposium as a wine and water mixing vessel.

Decorated in the red figure technique. Obverse decorate with nude athlete holding a strigil standing between draped attendants.Reverse has two draped fiures. Both scenes are on a on a wavy ground line and there are leaves in a row under rim.

Size: 8-5/8 inches H. x 9-3/8 inches W. at handles.
Condition: wear to surface, handle repaired and minor chip on foot.

Provenance: Ex Collection of Howard T. Knapp (1915-2010), a former physicist for the Space Program at NASA, had a deep passion for armor and weaponry and acquired many fascinating pieces from the 60s to the 80s during his extensive world traveling. With an impressive collection that included a three thousand-year-old Ancient Greek sword and over five thousand pieces of pottery, later in life Knapp was an antique dealer and director of Castle Armory Antique Arms Museum in St. Augustine, Florida. He died in 2010 at the age of 95.


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